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Intelligent Retail testimonials

We are proud to have a great range of retailers using Connect right across the UK. Here are just a few of the great reviews we have received from our retailers in video format. We have many more reviews like this - give us a call and ask for a demonstration where we can give you more testimonials.

Discount Baby Equipment, South England (nursery toys and accessories)

Discount Baby Equipment is a family run business & have been trading since 1981. They are renowned for supplying the best baby goods at the lowest prices to thousands of customers in the south of England. Now they are online as well and supply goods to customers all over the UK! Watch the video to see how they have used Connect to grow their business.

Martin from Discount Baby said; "Connect has helped our business in many ways. Firstly it has helped us to easily keep track of stock levels and see which items are selling and which items aren't. That allows us to make better buying choices. We now buy in smaller quantities, more frequently which saves money".

"Our website has seen a 10 to 15 times increase in the past year. It's a very competitive market yet we started receiving orders as soon as it went live."

"Updating our new website is really easy. It was a pain on our old system & this led to the old website getting neglected. With the new website I make updates every day, it's so easy, there is no excuse now!"

"The barcoded receipts/price labelling system is also very good and makes life so much easier for all the staff when dealing with sales and returns."

Lay Away Service Connect helps them offer a full "lay away" service. Any customer can have items laid away until baby arrives with a 10% deposit. Payments can then be made when the customer wishes or just settle the balance upon collection.

Customer Loyalty Points Scheme Earn 1 point for every £1 spent. Customers automatically receive a £10 voucher to spend online or in-store when they reach 500 points.

Wish/Gift List Can be created by selecting 'add to Gift List' (instead of 'add to basket'). Then customers email the gift list code to friends and family. They can then access the Gift List in an instant and see which products are still available to buy as a gift. Any gifts that have already been purchased will not be seen. Gift Vouchers are available to purchase and redeem either Instore or Online.

Thomas and Lucia, South England (general retail)

Thomas and Lucia is retail business run by a husband and wife team based in the New Forest, they have a successful shop and eCommerce website selling products for every room in the home and garden. Thomas and Lucia is named after co-owner Sue's great, great, great grandparents. Thomas was a miller in Shropshire. Lucia, his wife, was named after her Italian grandmother. Sue is a qualified garden designer and horticulturist. She has run a successful garden development business. Matthew was a self employed IT Consultant and provided services to both large and small companies. In 2007 they decided to make a significant change of direction and work together, pool their respective talents and open a high street shop in Christchurch Dorset. It is from there they run and supply their online shop.They chose Connect multichannel retail system to run their shop and website from the start, and have not looked back.

The Alternative Store, Sheffield (fashion)

The Alternative Store is a small, friendly, knowledgeable company that has been selling alternative fashion for 14 years and like to think they are getting it right. Having all worked in retail for years, they like to pride themselves on being at the forefront of bubbling scenes, exciting clothing companies and forward thinking people. They have a large retail store in Sheffield under the name Fuse.

The Alternative Store use Connect to keep stock in control and link their shop to their eCommerce website. Staff pitch in and edit the successful website to make it a vibrant place for their customers to find out about and purchase the latest fashions.

Saswa, Cardiff (gift retail)

Saswa is a successful gift shop in Cardiff and has been trading for over 6 years. In that time they have built a reputation for selling beautifully unusual jewellery and gifts from around the world. Saswa use Connect Retail System at the heart of their successful multichannel business.

In the four months since we have the system it is already keeping costs down, it's fantastic

Connect gave Saswa the ability to easily sell across multiple channels. They now reorder more quickly across all selling channels, they run with lighter stock and operate in a leaner way. They were also able to identify which slower moving lines should not be reordered as everything was being measured from a profit perspective. Within 6 months their stock value had reduced by 22%. This released cash into the business for other activities including online marketing.

By the end of the first year their revenues had increased by 115% from the online channels as well as improved trading from better stock selection in the shop. This was way in excess of their initial target of 40%. And the best thing about it is they didn't have to invest in extra staff to achieve this growth.

Galleria, Northumberland (jewellery)

Galleria Jewellers has been in business for 5 years. Based in Northumberland they sell contemporary modern jewellery. Two years ago they had a single store and website when they installed a Connect EPoS system, they have now grown the business to 2 stores and 2 websites. Here is how the Connect EPoS system has significantly reduced costs and lifted revenue.

How the EPoS system reduced costs

Reduced spend on stock. This has transformed the business. They now order more frequently and in smaller quantities, saving money from being tied up in stock.

Improved ordering. Connect tells them which items need to be reordered based on intelligent analysis of sales trends. The timesaving element is significant. Before they had to go through the trays and see what was needed, they didn't really know what we sold and it all took ages compared to the simple way they order in Connect.

Reduced overstocking. The volume of lines that were over-stocked has been significantly reduced because they order the right things far more often.

How the EPoS system improved revenue

Accurately projected what was needed for Christmas 2008. They saw what was sold Oct - Dec 2007, projected the growth of the business and ordered accordingly. It was so accurate! There were no cases of being overstocked and had the right amount to sell. Before the system was installed this would never happen, they would always have extra stock that wasn't selling.

Improved use of store space. They pick a supplier and see how much revenue is being generated. It has genuinely helped in making decisions to drop certain suppliers allowing them to use the shelf space for better selling lines.

How the EPoS system helped in the shop

Connect is so easy to use. Team in the shop have never touched a computer before. Kath never thought she would use the system but quickly found herself using it every day to add stock and run the till. Looks very professional as well.

Looks great! Very modern and reflects the values of the shop. The old cash register sent out all the wrong messages to our customers.

Fast customer service. The separate card machine used a telephone line and seemed so slow. We now save the telephone line rental, now Connect integrated chip and pin uses broadband. It is so much quicker, more or less instant authorisation. Accuracy is 100%, as staff cannot type in a wrong value because it's linked to the till sale. Also saves space on the counter. There has been no increase in costs as the rental is the same as my old machine, and I have saved on the telephone line. Also they save a fortune on till rolls for the old machine. The most important aspect is a nicer customer experience, customers feel they are in a more modern shop.

Import Wizards make it so quick to add new products. Over 2,000 products are input in one go in 15 minutes and this includes images! It just works, and the image is even formatted all the same size.

Better Furniture, East England (furniture and homeware)

A furniture and homewares retailer with three stores and integrated website selling high quality products. Their aim with the website is to give the best possible online furniture shopping experience and selected Connect eCommerce to provide that experience.

We are so impressed with the Connect Retail system, we all think it's brilliant!

Connect doesn't only run the website, it is also used in store for stock and customer order management. Connect manages the whole selling process from taking the customer's order, though to placing supplier orders, taking shipments from overseas and final delivery to the customer. It is so easy. The delivery manager at the till keeps control of day to day activities allowing staff to select an available delivery time for each customer.

European Golf, Midlands (sports goods and fashion retail)

European Golf is a chain of 4 golf stores across the Midlands. They are authorised suppliers for over 30 top quality brands including Calloway, Mizuno and Taylor Made currently available at competitive prices. They have PGA Professionals on hand to offer advice by email or telephone. European Golf will always try to match any other UK authorised online retailer's quote.

European Golf has used Connect to link up stock control between their shops and to integrate an eCommerce website with up-to-the-minute stock control.

The website is very much brand driven. The Quick Shop navigation allows customers to instantly locate an item by selecting "Brand" and "Item" from the quick shop menu.

The zoom picture quality allows online customers to see intricate details of equipment before they buy.

Vision MX, Midlands (speciality sports and fashion retail)

Vision MX is a family run business born from a passion for motocross. They recognise the need for good quality, durable products, readily available at competitive prices.

Their 2000 square foot retail outlet opened in March 2008 includes a large display of parts, accessories and clothing as well as an on site mechanic for any repair work from engine rebuilds to replacing an inner tube.

The website has been set up with the customer in mind. Easy to use, clearly defined products, with some great additional website functionality. Try the dynamic enhanced zoom for a detailed look at this seasons racewear or the 'quick shop' function for ease of navigation. With 5% online discount, free delivery over £50 spend level and a 48hr delivery as standard they offer customers a first class shopping experience.

Connect is used to drive in-store and online stock control. The integrated Connect website makes listing parts easy, even though the staff had little or no experience of using computers it immediately looks highly professional and brings in important additional revenues .Vision MX also sell on eBay which has become an important selling channel for their smart and efficient multichannel business.

Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh (visitor attraction and gift retail)

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) was founded in the 17th century as a physics garden. Now it extends over four Gardens boasting a rich living collection of plants, and is a world-renowned centre for plant science and education.

RBGE now extends to four sites - Edinburgh, Benmore (near Dunoon in Argyll), Logan (near Stranraer in Galloway) and Dawyck (near Peebles in the Borders), and is the second richest collection of plant species in the world. Since the 19th century, it has received public funding, and it is now sponsored by the Scottish Government's Rural and Environmental Research and Analysis Directorate (RERAD). The Garden's remit and mission is rooted in the National Heritage (Scotland) Act 1985.

The four Gardens are also major tourist attractions within Scotland, providing inspiration and relaxation to visitors from all over the world.

RBGE uses Connect to integrate its shops and eCommerce website in a way that makes running retail operations highly cost effective.

Intelligent Retail enjoys a great relationship with the staff at RBGE.

Trot2 (equestrian and fashion retail)

Trot2.com is the online home of Houghton Equestrian, based in the North East of England. Established over 25 years ago the business incorporates an extremely successful riding centre along with our newer equestrian store opened around 6 years ago. At Houghton Equestrian they pride themselves in providing the highest level of service to both online customers and visitors to the shop.

All of our staff are knowledgeable about our products and keep up to date with the very latest products and equestrian innovations.

Connect allows the business to seamlessly integrate online and shop activities with central stock control. When a last item is sold in the shop the website is informed immediately.

They had a system in place before Connect and thought they would have a hard time finding a company they could trust. However, they are so impressed with the software, really has made a big difference to the business. Sean the owner says the level of support he has received has been amazing, he says it's nice to know that whenever a question is asked he can trust that it is going to be looked at and answered quickly and efficiently. Sean says everyone that he has dealt with have been friendly and helpful. Very impressed with the website, loves the design. Connect is more than any of them in the shop could have expected!

Please contact us if you would like a copy of the full case study.

Tigi-wear, London (fashion)

Tigi-Wear is a casual clothing label designed for leisure, and a relaxed lifestyle, with an emphasis on comfort, easy care and value for money. Tigi-Wear is offered in a range of colours and styles. With new styles every month, there is always something new to see and even an opportunity to buy before the collection reaches the high streets.

Tigi-Wear has over 200 concessions in high street fashion retailers throughout the UK. For outfit ideas, customers can check out the "key look" page, and if a friend or family member likes Tigi-Wear they can buy Tigi-Wear vouchers for use within stores or online.

Faraway Tree, South (toys)

The Faraway Tree, Children's Toy and Book Shop opened in the picturesque village of Overton, North Hampshire in November 2004. A small business run by Melanie and Noelle, they have four children between them so have plenty of experience in the needs of children and their parents. The toys are mainly traditional and range from baby to 10+ years. They offer a personal service, which cannot be replicated by the larger toy stores and the believe the customer is always right!

Thank you very much to the team for all your help and prompt action. We are both delighted with our new website and it is exactly how we envisaged it.

One Hundred, Bristol (gift jewellery)

One hundred is an independent shop in an affluent area of Bristol. Paul and Dianne have grown this successful business since 1999 to become one of the premier shops of its kind in the area. In this video Paul explains why they selected Connect for their shop after looking at other systems and one year on, how it has helped the business and paid for itself in just four and a half months.

Vincent Shoes, London (fashion shoes)

The bold designs and rugged construction of Swedish manufacturer Vincent Shoes are making waves in Islington following the launch by Katarina McKechnie. Mums and kids are becoming fans of the new brand, which looks fun and keeps the little feet comfortable as well as safe.

Intelligent Retail's award winning Connect runs product lines, stock, invoicing and reports, in future integrating with the their Internet web site. Marketing, branding, sales and stock control from one system, ready to help Katarina with her franchise expansion plans.

Lavenders, Stratford-Upon-Avon (fashion accessories)

Lavenders is a beautiful gift shop located in the heart of Shakespeare country selling Inspirational Fashion accessories from around the world. Lavenders are stockists of some of the finest Murano jewellery, unique leather handbags & accompanying accessories. Russel feels Connect is particularly brilliant at monitoring ranges, figures are there always easy to get to and reliable.

Its absolutely brilliant!

Pottery & Pieces, Birmingham (gifts)

At Pottery & Pieces you will find an absolute galaxy of ideas in the form of silver jewellery, fine art posters & prints, handmade glassware and ceramics plus a whole section of old-fashioned wooden and soft toys. They also sell handcrafted occasional furniture including coffee and side tables.

This new website is absolutely fantastic. It takes care of our online customer from every aspect.