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Retail Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is an unparalleled way to drive visitors to your retail website in the mid to long term.

We provide SEO tailored to retailers

This is an expert, high quality SEO program tailored for Retailers. We uniquely understand our retail eCommerce platform and can deliver the service at a very attractive price. It complements the built-in product level optimisation in the Connect eCommerce platform by optimising your website for selected search terms known as key phrases. For example, optimise for the key phrase 9ct Gold Jewellery Bracelet.

Ethical standards

Our Specialist Retail SEO service is built on ethical standards, drawing from research by renowned worldwide authorities and applies best practice as recommended by the search engines themselves.

I can instantly see the benefits of the SEO program.

Eight key SEO success factors

This service is built on 8 SEO Success Factors. Each one has a schedule of activities to be performed by Intelligent Retail.

Our SEO values

It is important you understand the values your SEO company abides by. Some companies use unethical or 'Black Hat' techniques which have short term gain, but as the search engines become more advanced they can damage the ranking of your website or even cause it to be blacklisted.

TRANSPARENT - We will communicate what we will do, then we will do it.

ETHICAL - We never try and trick the search engines, we use best practice techniques and follow advice from the search engines themselves.

OPTIMISE FOR PEOPLE - NOT SEARCH ENGINES - Because search engines continuously change their algorithms we will only employ techniques that are right for the visitor, not just SEO. This creates a long term solution that will not only correctly optimise the website for search engines, it will also attract visitors to the website and importantly stimulate them to stay on the website longer and take action, resulting in better return on investment. This is the recommended approach by the search engines themselves.

BEST VALUE - Because we know how our eCommerce platform works we are in the best position to enhance the existing optimisation that is already in place.

Service levels

We offer three different services levels which suit different markets. We are happy to advise on which service level should suit your particular market.

Taster: 81 point plan. Best suited for areas of lower competitive intensity. This service level is offered for a maximum of 3 months.

Standard: 115 point plan. For areas of medium competitive intensity.

Extended: 141 point plan. For areas of higher competitive intensity and / or higher listing results in mid-low competitive areas.

Through SEO, we have dramatically grown the online business.


To bring an expert, high quality Retail SEO service usually sold in the region of £600 pcm from just £150 pcm. We can do this because we uniquely understand our eCommerce platform inside out and will enhance it's built-in SEO capabilities.

SEO research

We constantly update our service through researching industry best practice and recommended techniques from world authorities on SEO including:

When and where?

While there is no cast iron guarantee of reaching top positions we are totally confident we can get you much better rankings for key phrases in your market. Good SEO services work at different levels and certainly do not happen overnight. There is no 'quick fix' that achieves top rankings so we recommend you get started on optimising as soon as your website is ready to go live. We have limited spaces available so be sure to book early.

We currently only optimise websites for present customers of Intelligent Retail. So you need to have purchased our EPoS solution. You don't have to have an Intelligent Retail designed website however, as we can still optimise your SOAP interface linked website.