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Sage EPoS Accounts Integration

Hook up your Connect EPoS retail system and your Sage Line 50 accounts (Sage Line 50*) for unbeatable end to end business management

* Connect supports lots of versions of Sage Line 50, please ask for details of exactly which versions of Sage are supported.

Introducing Connect Accounts

Connect Accounts is an automatic link between your Connect EPos and Sage 50 accounts software (Sage Line 50). This links together the powerful Connect Multichannel stock control with Sage Financial tools. It means you do things only once. Important sales information is sent from Connect EPoS to Sage overnight; sales transactions customers, suppliers and products. Also purchase orders that are created in Connect will go to Sage. It is time saving and accurate. Reports show you all transfer activity and mapping between Sage and Connect EPoS.


Financial reporting in Sage like: P&L, Balance Sheet etc

The benefits

We have case studies where almost 10% of a retailer's time is spent on administration of this paperwork. Connect Accounts can significantly reduce this to levels of about 2% because the majority of paperwork has already been sent to Sage with the VAT breakdown.

Sheet of Paper

Reduces paper as the transfer is electronic

Reduces your admin

Simplifies the detail

When your book keeper/accountant comes to do the VAT return, a button is pressed in Sage and the key business reports are done: Trial Balances, P&Ls, Balance Sheets, Debtor and Creditor Analysis are created from the detailed sales data from Connect. This level of detail helps quickly identify / answer questions about variances.

Speeds things up

Reduce cost in the business by speeding up your VAT returns. A retail business can produce hundreds of receipts a month. Connect Accounts passes all of this through to Sage without you or your book keeper typing it in, which saves hours of time and cost.

Saves you money

Save money with your accountant. The majority of accountants use Sage. You can send your Sage data to your accountant, this should reduce your costs and improve accuracy.

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