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Benefits of Connect Multichannel System

Here are a selection of the many ways in which Connect can benefit your business. To properly identify the main benefits for your business we suggest a friendly on-site consultation or demonstration.

Save time, save money

Many tasks in retail are repetitive. Connect takes away much of the tedious repetitive work such as goods-in, shelf replenishment, re-ordering standard lines, discounts, returns, cashing up, customer contacts and even through managing to-do lists for staff, no more sticky yellow notes!

Expand through new channels

Connect supports mail order and telephone ordering. It also offers kiosks to extend your store space through simple touch screen terminals as well as integrated ecommerce channels and marketplaces eBay and Amazon.

Develop your business through eCommerce

Ecommerce is here to stay. Selling online is just the beginning. For many consumers the purchasing process has changed as research online is a fundamental step. Connect allows you to tie in to these new processes by having an online presence that connects with your retail one. Customers can browse online and see that products are in store ready to touch and try out before making the final purchase. Or customers can leave the shop to make a final decision and buy online.


Are you doing any marketing? If not you are missing out on wonderful revenue generating opportunities. Connect will become your marketing engine to drive customer loyalty and increase customer lifetime spend.


Do you know your shops average transaction values? Employees average transaction size? Do you track average customer lifetime spend? By tracking these simple indicators you can incentivise staff to increase them. Create targets, motivate staff.

Improving purchasing decisions

Most buying problems simply come from bad decisions. Bad decisions come from having inadequate information and/or time. Connect gives you up to the minute information on how much profit you are making from products and suppliers to make informed accurate decisions quickly.

Save money on your stock holding

The most important asset in your business is often stock. How confident are you that you have optimum stock, i.e.

Connect not only gives you reports on product and supplier performance, it also gives you an interactive replenishment screen to expedite the process whilst you maintain full control!

Shift more stock on eBay and Amazon

Ebay and Amazon are the number 1 and 2 marketplaces on the internet. The formats are ideal as primary selling channels or as a way to sell old non-moving stock. Whilst many retailers want to do this, the time it takes to do it is restrictive. Now you can sell on eBay or Amazon from Connect.

Customer engagement

Great service keeps customers coming back. Do you know what your customers like? What information do you capture about them. How do you use what you know to increase their loyalty and spend? Retail Connect allows you to track what your customers are spending and the products they buy. You can run loyalty and incentive promotions based on this.

Price right for better profit

Flexibility is essential for competitive and compelling pricing. Decisions need to be made quickly and accurately. Do you know the price elasticity of your store is, i.e. how much you can increase and decrease pricing without it impacting number of products sold? How quickly can you create special offers, special event pricing? Retail Connect has up to the minute accurate information to help you make these key business decisions and changing pricing from one to one thousand products is a snip!