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Retail Software for independent retailers

Sell to your customers in store, online or across multiple channels with our award winning retail system, Connect EPoS.

How can an independent retailer benefit from our Connect EPoS retail system?

  • Full and flexible control over stock
  • Insightful sales reporting
  • Easy and faster ordering frees money in surplus stock
  • Run promotions and loyalty schemes, keep a customer database
  • Easy to use and innovative visual stock tree
  • Sell in your retail store, online or across multiple channels

Connect Retail POS lets you:

Sell easily in store

Retail staff will find our retail software easy to use. A simple till interface is coupled with powerful features that enhance the business and help staff to provide a better customer experience. Manage special orders, place back orders and take deposits with the Connect retail system; it's more than simply a till.

Connect your sales channels

Sell in store, via an eCommerce website and across online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, all using one central stock inventory system. This allows you to closely control order fulfilment and in turn keep customers happy.

Build a relationship with your customers

Create a customer database easily and then use it to create targeted promotions, right from the retail system. You can also create and manage enticing customer loyalty programmes to help your customers benefit from repeat visits and purchases.

Enjoy flexibility that allows you to grow

Connect EPoS can help to grow businesses and when a retailer grows, our retail software is able to grow with it. Increase your points of sale and operate from multiple store locations with add-on features to our retail system.

Find out more about multiple store businesses here.

Save money on stock

Insightful sales reporting

Our retail software features a visual stock tree that lets retailers organise their stock in a way that is meaningful to them, from departments through to more specific retail categories and product classes. Use the structure you create to drill down into and isolate specific areas of your business for targeted sales reporting.

The built-in 'Intelligent Sales Analysis' report lets retailers see actionable data on their best and worst performing products, allowing them to free up money that would otherwise be tied up in stock.

Improve availability with smart stock replenishment

Connect retail software will let you intelligently replenish your stock. The system uses data on sales flow and minimum stock quantities to suggest reordering in a way that's ideal for independent retailers. With the suggestions readily available, retailers can print off their purchase orders for each of their suppliers quickly and simply.

Track seasonal performance so that you know what stock you need and when you need it. Use this to improve availability, stocking products that customers want and when they're needed to increase turnover.

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