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Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design is all about making a website 'respond' to different screen types and sizes, essential for today's mobile user.

Modern interfaces on mobiles and tablets utilise touch screen and gesture controls not employed on most desktop and laptop machines. Responsive websites cater for these newer interface technologies and allow more people to view and interact with a website on smaller screen sizes. This means less frustration for website users and more sales for retailers.

Mobile networks can be slow, especially when trying to load a content rich eCommerce website. Our responsive eCommerce websites are designed to load what is needed on screen for the very best mobile experience, allowing a mobile website user to find what they are looking for and purchase fast.

Google and Responsive

Google announced way back in 2015 that more Google searches are made via mobile devices than on desktop devices. eCommerce sales via mobile websites are also catching up on desktop… fast!

Soon we will be in the scenario where more eCommerce sales occur on mobile devices than on desktop or laptop. This means retailers without an effective responsive website will be losing large amounts of revenue, simply because of poor user website experience.

Google have also stated that going forward, websites cached in the Google search engine index will be ranked based on the effectiveness and user friendliness of how a website displays on a mobile device.

This means bad user experience, poor layout and lack of content on mobile websites really will damage the ability of a retailer to gain revenue from an eCommerce website. It really is vitally important that eCommerce retailers go responsive!


Running your multichannel retail business is easier with our all-in-one solution. With single stock, single customer database and single reporting, you only do things once. Your shop, web, Ebay and Amazon can all be connected so everything is in one place no matter where your customer buys. Build the system as you wish. Connect is modular, so start small & affordable and add modules as you wish.

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The Connect system is very easy to use and built the way a retailer would want to work. It allows me to manage my whole business quickly and easily across all of my sales channels with simple 'drag and drop' functionality. The web platform is also simple to use but still looks great and if I ever require help, the support team are both knowledgeable and polite. Highly recommended

Your Multichannel Website Provider

Choose a solution which offers a seamless shopping experience across store and web. Our responsive websites are fully integrated with our in-store solutions. We understand that you need a simple solution which meets all of your multichannel needs.

Ask for a demonstration today and let us talk you through why so many retailers love the Intelligent Retail websites.

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Multichannel Supporting Ease of Use

Since starting the responsive website, Fab Frocks have seen 66% of their web traffic is driven from mobile devices & web sales have increased 61% year on year. By introducing the responsive website, we can ensure that they have the best browsing experience possible from any device. The Connect multichannel system gives us an end to end solution for product and sales management ensuring that we are in control of our stock & maximising our sales opportunities.

Providing Essential Tools to Increase Web Sales

I went to the NEC looking for a simple till for my shop, but ended up meeting Intelligent Retail, who showed me I could have a Till and control my website very easily in one place. It's all up and running now and very impressed with the friendly and professional customer service provided. The training was particularly good. Highly recommended!

Customer Focused

Only had new website a few days but already receiving positive feedback and more orders!

Best in Class Feature Set!

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