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Professional Website Marketing

Professional Website Marketing from Intelligent Retail - Promoting your website in an ethical and sustainable way.

Intelligent Retail Connect websites are built on class-leading principles used by large retailers to give online consumers the best possible shopping experience and are fully optimised out-of-the-box as standard at the product level… but there are many other things that you need to do as a retailer to make sure that you get a slice of the online sales you deserve!

Why you need to market your website

Your website is another store front. You wouldn't just open a shop and then expect people to turn up at your door… it's exactly the same with your website!

As a retailer you're always having to make sure that the money you spend brings a good return for your investment. At Intelligent Retail we understand this and make sure that our website marketing services bring you real and measurable returns for the money you spend.

All of our services are tailored for you as an online retailer to make sure that you get the quickest and highest returns possible. We generally find that:

  • Many websites lack text content. Google loves fresh, unique content! If your website is lacking text content on category and product pages then we have an in-house copywriter who will make your pages appealing to your website visitors… including the search engines! Lack of content not only puts off your human visitors, it also means that the search engines are less likely to take notice. We correct this with our monthly SEO programmes.
  • Many websites lack incoming links. Google sees incoming links as a vote of trust! If your website doesn't have many incoming links from other websites then Google especially is a lot less likely to trust your pages. Incoming links are the No.1 ranking factor in Google!… you need many keyword targeted links into your website from other relevant websites all around the web!
  • Many websites rely on the search engines for traffic. There are MANY different online selling channels! We can help and advise on the best way to get results from Google AdWords (Pay Per Click), Google Products (Merchant Centre) and Facebook advertising amongst many others. These are just three of the many different online channels you can utilise to increase your websites' sales, improving your bottom line!

Its all about getting results

Any marketing is only so much hot air without proof of results… so here it is! We recently did an end-of-year analysis of our long term SEO clients and here are the results:

These fantastic results are for clients who have been on the Intelligent Retail SEO programme for more than two years - we have a fantastic retention rate as these monthly SEO programmes really work, giving back far more in web sales than they take in monthly fees paid to Intelligent Retail!

Reference Clients

We know the last thing you need as a retailer is to take on marketing which doesn't work. We have a number of long term reference clients for the SEO programme who are happy to be contacted. If you need to speak to some of our current clients then please ask us.

Our website has seen a 10 to 15 times increase in the past year.

Website Marketing services from Intelligent Retail

Intelligent Retail offer a full suite of services to help busy retailers to attract website visitors and keep them coming back for more. These include:

The Intelligent Retail SEO Team

So who are the Intelligent Retail SEO team and what do we do? Well we've put together a short summary below. We regularly attend and speak at retail industry events including Spring Fair, Autumn Fair and Pure London as well as speaking at global events relating to online marketing like the world's premiere SEO event, SES London.

David Fairhurst - Head of SEO

David Fairhurst heads up the Search Engine Optimisation team for Intelligent Retail. With a background in software engineering spanning 30 years, David has a host of skills and experience to help retailers get the best from their online trading.

Specialising in retail search engine optimisation, David has spoken at many different events over the years including Spring Fair, Autumn Fair, MODA and the world's most prestigious online marketing event, SES London.

David also runs many successful websites, including company websites and retail websites and is passionate about Search Engine Optimisation

David can be contacted directly on 01635 517 920 or dfairhurst@intelligentretail.co.uk

Nathan Stevens - SEO Consultant

Nathan Stevens has joined us as Trainee SEO Consultant and has been trained in-house in a wide range of online promotional methods, building on his enthusiasm for online marketing. Nathan's previous experience in the world of retail has given him valuable insight into the day to day running of both bricks and mortar and online stores.

As well as developing a keen interest in Online Marketing and SEO, Nathan has also been instrumental in bringing Intelligent Retail's webinars into fruition.

Our websales have increased month on month from virtually nothing to over £4000 every month.

Events we have presented at

We present at a wide range of events. Here are just a few…

Videos of our events

Below is a selection of videos taken at our events.

Would you like to know more about website marketing?

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