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Connect Multichannel System prices

A premium yet affordable multichannel system from Intelligent Retail.

We are a family run company and are proud to have hundreds of retailers using Connect. We are a growing business, and we want to help you develop yours, its the reason we are in business. You have already invested in your shop premises, staff and stock, we are certain that the investment in Connect will allow you to run more efficiently, help you sell more and allow you to become more profitable. It will pay for itself, that is why it has won the awards and why it is the leading choice for independent retailers.

Get a price for your Connect system

Connect will support your single store just as well as a multiple store retail business. We also have an affordable solution for online only businesses. For guide pricing please let us know how many shops you have and we will quickly give you a quote. Email us or call our friendly staff on 0845 6800126.

Add a professionally designed website that sells

We create websites that sell and yes we are experts in the field. We have over hundreds of actively selling websites and from working with so many retailers in addition to broad research over many years from worldwide experts like Jakob Nielson , we know how to create a website that will work for your business.

The most important question, what's the return on your investment?

Connect will often pay for itself in the first year. How does it do this? Well, here are some of the reasons our customers tell us about:

These days retail is so competitive, a system like this is no longer a nice to have but an essential part of your business, please contact us today to find out more.

How can we offer such a high quality retail system at such affordable prices?

Part of the reason Connect is so successful is because it is so affordable. We know retailers budgets are tight and right from the start we set out to make Connect available to every retailer. So we built Connect on top of tried and tested Open Source software wherever it is practical. Don't worry, Connect works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, but we do not need to buy other expensive components for it to work. We do not have a high cost base in our company. This allows us to sell it at a price that makes sense for us and we hope for your business. A typical system includes:

High quality till

Back office


A website that sells

Some of the options