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Connect Hosting by Rackspace

Intelligent Retail select the best in hosting providers. Rackspace is one of the world leaders in hosting. Since 2001 Rackspace has been hosting and supporting mission critical websites, internet applications, email servers, security and storage services.

Hosting by Rackspace

Hosting is an integral and essential part of Connect. It means you have a reserved space on our secure servers to hold your information and Connect software. The servers are situated inside a datacentre (which is a large temperature controlled, secure room full of servers).

We selected Rackspace because of its excellent reputation in the marketplace for reliability and quality service.

Rackspace provide supported stacks of the software that we use on our services such as Apache and Tomcat, increasing reliability. RackSpace engineers are on site at Rackspace and work to an agreed procedure should they be called upon. This leads to higher reliability. The multichannel solution provides a feature rich solution based on a dynamic hosting environment, with any such environment it changes on a regular basis with ongoing upgrades and security patches etc. We do not therefore guarantee 100% uptime, some planned and unplanned downtime is to be expected from time to time although we do aim to minimise this.

Rackspace has also built its reputation on providing high capacity for peaks in demand and fast connections again improving resilience.

RackSpace also has green credentials. It became one of the UK's first hosting companies to offer carbon neutral hosting through tree planting in October 2006 and partnered with the ITF, the world's longest standing tree planting charity. So far Rackspace is planting between 300-400 trees a month. Other initiatives include using the most power efficient hardware as well as building new facilities which utilise the latest power efficient technologies.

Hosting for your shops or warehouse

Information will flow through to different locations through the hosted data centre. The fast internet links and fast servers mean this is quick and efficient so you can see information centrally. You can also access your central database from any Connect system to run Back Office functions such as placing orders, running reports, goods in or till functions like taking phone orders.

Backup for your company data

Anyone who has ever lost data knows how painful it can be. It is important to back up your company records. In Connect your records are backed up and stored in the data centre. This includes transaction history, customer information and product information which are automatically backed up. So if a severe problem should occur, for example your till has a major failure, your system information will be stored either on the main server or in one of the regular backups we take.

Website and channel hosting

If you have a website and or other eCommerce channels with us then we will be hosting it in the same data centre. It will be on different servers though. These servers have a specialist software stack that is supported by us and the on-site engineers at RackSpace. Your website has its own database to drive it efficiently. Your online customers will be looking at your website which is securely separated away from the rest of your system. Your website has to be fast and reliable and together with RackSpace we aim to deliver a high quality service.