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Nursery Connect Multichannel EPoS Solution

Nursery Connect is packed with award winning innovation. It is the simple way to sell through multiple channels from your shop. It is a till with stock management. But it is so much more than just an EPoS system. It will control your website as well as other online channels such as eBay.

Meet the specialist award winning EPoS and eCommerce stock control system for nursery and baby shops; Nursery Connect. It has been developed over years of working with specialist nursery retailers and suppliers. Why risk getting a system that doesn't fit your business? Ask us for a free demonstration and we would be happy to show you how Nursery Connect can help you manage your nursery retail business for more profit and sell online the easy way!

Award winning Nursery Connect is the simple way to sell through multiple channels from your shop and it makes your life easier. It is a till, EPoS, stock control with built in website interface. It's a complete shop management system all in one simple to use package to help you get the best out of your business. Increase profit and bring more enjoyment to managing your nursery baby shop with the only retail software system designed for baby & nursery shops. You can reduce stock costs, inspire staff, increase footfall, serve customers better, select better products and even benefit from a built-in internet shopping site, bringing extra sales to your till.

Before we had the Nursery Connect EPoS system we were getting the stock levels wrong on too many occasions. Now we have the right products when we need them. This means we make more sales and keep customers happier. Connect has helped us move up from a single store to a very successful multichannel business!

Because Nursery Connect has been designed for nursery retailers, the unnecessary additional complexity that often comes with computer systems has been left out while important functions are included.

  • Colour/size/pattern grids to easily manage lines from baby clothes to pushchair accessories to bottle teats.
  • Neat processes for selling pushchairs including delivery to shop or direct to customer.
  • It caters for details like VAT on children's car seats.
  • Innovation with the very latest smart-client technology brings your users simple visual screens to operate effectively, no need to be a computer whiz.
  • Smart-client also makes the product highly robust. In all it is lower in cost and easier to use.
  • The result is an affordable, powerful management system tailored for the independent nursery and baby retailer.

To learn more about the innovation of this retail system for nursery and baby shops, please call us on 0845 680 0126. We are proud of this system and would be happy to show it to you and see if it may be a fit for your business.

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