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Multichannel stock control for online businesses

As an online only retailer, Connect provides practical solutions for back office management and your online sales channels. The Connect Management Centre for online businesses delivers full, professional stock control and a central customer database. This premium, award winning management system employs smart technology to support and drive your multichannel business.

Connect is the perfect system for a busy and developing online business. At the heart of Connect is the multichannel centre. Coordinating an eCommerce website, eBay and Amazon has never been easier. Drag and drop functionality and pinpoint accurate stock control means that you can manage your online business effectively, confidently and quickly.

Managing your online Business - The Back Office

Central Customer Management

All your customer information is held and managed from one central place, whether orders come in via the web, phone or one of your other channels. It is so easy to search and locate a customer. The system has Post Code lookup throughout so whoever creates a new account can do so quickly and accurately.

Create Marketing Lists

Use filters to create marketing lists and email or mail your offers out to them. Demographic information is available with marketing opt-in for data protection. This is useful for supporting mail and email campaigns.

Stock control & sales reports for your online business

A common reason that online businesses sadly fail is because they let down too many customers and develop a bad reputation. This can be due to back end systems not supporting the right business processes. The Connect system allows you to deliver consistently high quality service by keeping you in control. With Connect, your website has built-in stock control even if you sell across multiple sales channels. You can select how the stock control is managed product by product, or by using standard rules.

Now it is so easy to manage the website. We now spend our time on developing the business not chasing our tails.

A key innovation in Connect is the 'Visual Stock Tree' to give you instant visibility of stock and powerful sales reports whether you need to see a single item, a group, a category or your whole stock!

Stocking the right products at the right time is essential for all online retailers. With Connect you can set minimum and maximum levels but most of our retailers also use the built-in 'Intelligent Sales Analysis' to see which products are performing best… and worst. This helps them order the right products at the right time, and keeps money tied up in stock to an absolute minimum.

Create purchase orders, fast!

In Connect, the Purchase Order facility designed the way merchants really want it to work. Quick and simple yet flexible. Connect has an intelligent reorder engine that analyses sales flow as well as minimum stock quantities to suggest a re-order profile for you. Then you can print off orders for each supplier in a click. It's that fast.

Connect has helped us to easily keep track of stock levels and see which items are selling and which items aren't. That allows us to make better buying choices. We now buy in smaller quantities, more frequently which saves money.

Product Management

Manage all aspects of your product portfolio from one simple area. Add an image and Connect will size it for your Retail system and your website, so you can see the image anywhere. Managing new and updated products is easy in Connect with tools like Import Wizard to import thousands of items at once (including images), as well as Mass Price Updater to give you controls to alter price structures and costs in a few clicks.


Connect supports features for warehouses including identification of the 'Location' on each item as well as barcode tracking of all items. The Connect Fulfilment Centre has a suite of functions specific to warehousing. See the document 'Connect Fulfilment Centre' for details.

The pick pack and dispatch is so easy to use, and everyone can see what stage an order is at any time.

Accounting - Count on Connect, fast & accurate

The Connect System calculates VAT on a product level. At the end of each financial period just click a button and the accounts information is provided for you to send to your accountant or use in any accounts package. This saves hours so you can get on with something more useful and probably more enjoyable!


A wide variety of reports are available. The clever and unique thing is that you can run them from any part of the Visual Stock Tree, so drill in to a specific area of your business, or zoom out for a more general look at performance. There are also reports that are just plan vital for an online business, like stock holding reports and supplier league tables. Each report can be run over a specific time period. All results can be printed in a pdf or Excel spreadsheet format.

Supplier Management

Your suppliers are set up so that you can quickly create items and re-order stock. The minimum order values and carriage costs can be set for each supplier. Connect will use this to help you reorder most efficiently.

Product Marketing Tool

Using the tree a discount scheme can be applied to any part of your stock from a single item to the whole stock tree in just a click. Once you have set up your preferred discounts, just select the items and apply the discount. Each time one of these products is viewed, the discount will appear. Discount types include; Percentage discount off an article or group of articles, Buy 'n' Get 'n' Free and Money off next purchase.

Managing your Multichannel Sales Outlet

Connect provides all the exciting money saving advantages of centralised stock control, central reporting, central product management, fulfilment and finances. It also allows retailers to deliver a more consistent and higher quality service to customers, whist selling more.

A great opportunity

You may want to sell on multiple eCommerce websites or sell on EBay and Amazon which are the UK's 1st and 2nd largest marketplaces. If you are a retailer and not selling much on eBay or Amazon you are missing a great opportunity to increase your sales. They have over 20% UK market share (Figures courtesy of Retail Week) as consumers love to shop on there. Being convenient and trusted they are both moving towards business sellers and are becoming very appealing to independent retailers.

A huge challenge

Many companies wish to sell on multiple channels but the administration of adding and managing items is usually too time-consuming. Managing stock is almost impossible across the different channels. This means reduction in customer service, Amazon and eBay feedback ratings go down, so does the retailers reputation and this results in fewer sales.

A simple solution

What is needed is an easy way to list products, centralised stock control and a central way to fulfil orders. Connect Multichannel Centre does all of these things. In fact we think it presents the easiest possible way to sell across multiple channels. It puts you in control. Just drag and drop products into a channel and Connect will list them on that channel and manage the stock. It will tell you when products have been sold bringing the order back to your Connect Fulfilment Centre.

Imagine for a moment

Having a system that will know when your last item is sold, say on eBay and it will talk to Amazon and your Website to let them know the product is no longer in stock! Effectively Amazon and eBay are talking to each other though the Connect system, managing your stock control, allowing you to deliver a first class service for your customers.