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Connect Multichannel EPoS System: Award winning retail system

Connect has been designed from the ground up as the finest multichannel retail EPoS system starting with shop EPoS and a trading website. No bolt-on's here. This means running your multichannel retail business really couldn't be easier.

Shop, Web, Mail Order: All combined in one!

Running your multichannel retail business really couldn't be easier. With a single stock system, single customer database, single re-ordering and single reporting you only do things once. Connect makes sense because everything is in one place no matter where your customer buys.

Stock control: one stock > multiple retail channels

What happens on your website when you sell the last item in the shop? How do you manage stock across multiple retail channels? Well, with Connect you have automatic stock control. So when the last item in the shop is sold, your website says "out of stock" - no need to let a customer down again (or run in a mad panic trying to source an item last minute)!

Back End Processes: Pick, Pack and Dispatch, its gone!

Because Connect is designed for retailers, online sales are sent to the till (or back office). With a few minutes spare anyone can select a web order from the to do list and press the Pick, Pack and Dispatch buttons. Connect prints out the address documents and its off to the post. The professional way to run a multichannel business, keeps you always in control.

Architecture: Connect has no equal

Connect multichannel retail architecture is second to none. A database with all your stock, customer and sales information is on every till and back office computer. Each one is connected to a central database through a broadband link. This central database is hosted on secure servers. It is a reliable backup and also the information hub, which means you can access your business information from anywhere at any time.

This perfect multichannel retail architecture is feasible and affordable because we use tried and trusted "open source" systems. Firebird database and Linux servers are developed by experts in the open software community, so no expensive corporate licenses here.

More than just a website: Its about helping you sell

Connect can automatically link you with major reputable shopping sites to help you market your products effectively. These include: Yell Shopping, HotBot, BuyCentral and Lycos Shopping.

Amazon Marketplace: Have you considered this amazing opportunity to increase your sales?

In a tough business environment a lot of businesses, big and small, are looking for new ways to grow sales. Amazon Marketplace is becoming an increasingly important source of additional sales for many retailers. Here is why you should consider Amazon to grow your business.

EBay: As an essential selling channel, eBay cannot be ignored

Did you know over a third of eBay transactions are "Buy It Now" items. With 15 million browsing and buying customers in the UK, eBay should not be ignored as a sales channel for your business. Because we are an eBay partner, with Connect you simply select one or one hundred products and in a click you can send them to eBay. It really couldn't be easier. A superb way of moving on old stock and promoting your business. Read about why you should consider eBay as a serious business channel here.

Google Product Search

Google Product Search (was called Froogle) is the popular shopping service by Google. Connect can be linked to Google Product Search to promote individual products and your business. Listing is easy. It also increases the awareness of your website in the main Google search engine.

And there is more… let us show you

This is just a flavour of the power of multichannel retailing with Connect. To really see how it will improve your business, call us today to arrange a free onsite consultation to see how you could drive sales and save costs with multichannel retail.

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