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mCommerce Connect - smart mobile retailing

Mobile Commerce is currently the hot growth story in eCommerce. Driven by the uptake in 3G enabled smartphones and Wi-Fi availability, consumer spending via mobile is forecast to become a significant percentage of overall eCommerce spend over the coming years

For multichannel retailers the challenge is how best to provide a great experience for their mobile customers. Intelligent Retail's mCommerce Connect lets you hook up with those customers in a smart yet easy way.

mCommerce Connect uses device detection and CSS Stylesheets to optimise your website for smaller screens. It first determines the device being used and then switches to the Connect Mobile Framework to display your website with all the necessary features for an enhanced mobile shopping experience.

This approach lets you deliver a great shopping experience on high end smart phones, yet keeps your overheads very low.

Advantages of mCommerce Connect

Iphone 6s
  1. No need to develop expensive Mobile Apps for each type of mobile phone.
  2. Works on the popular mobile operating systems; Android, Apple IOS and Blackberry.
  3. Looks and feels like a lot like an App, but is easily accessed via the phone's browser rather than having to install software.
  4. Uses the content and the important functionality from your main website, so no need to manage a separate mobile website.
  5. Links in with your stock control from your main website. So all of your products, stock and orders are still managed centrally!