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Professional Website Marketing

If you have a Connect website you are already giving your web visitors the very best shopping experience, but there are many different things you can do to make your new web store a success. With our range of services exclusively for Connect website clients, we can help!

Why choose Intelligent Retail Website Marketing?

There are many reasons you should choose Intelligent Retail to promote your Connect website. Here are just a few.

We know Connect websites inside out, so don't have to learn how best to optimise your website.

We have direct access to your website, making optimisation much quicker. This gets you faster results!

We have a proven track record optimising Connect websites and can offer feedback direct from past and present clients!

Our Online Marketing programmes are tailored for the Connect independent retailer.

We have 8 years of experience optimising and promoting Connect websites, much longer than all of our competitors!

Why you need to market your website

Opening a web store is just like having another store front, except that with a web store there are literally thousands of other stores competing in the same place, selling the same products. To have a chance of competing online, you really do need to promote your website.

If you've used our Web Design Service then you'll already have a great looking website, but great design alone won't guarantee revenue for your business, you are going to need lots of visitors with an intent to buy the products you offer.

In the UK, online retailers rely on Google search engine to get the traffic needed to promote sales, but many websites are under-optimised for Google search. We can help by:

Adding optimised web content: To get Google's attention, every page in your Connect website needs unique, well written text content which is optimised to the subject of that page. Without this content, search engines don't have the information they need to rank your pages and your pages won't convert either!

Gaining quality incoming links: Google relies on incoming links from other websites to tell if your website is trusted or not. We can entice links into your pages by creating a fantastic content strategy which will provide lasting benefit for your website and trust with Google.

Providing a full web strategy for consistent growth: Google search engine isn't the only 'game in town' when it comes to promoting your website. We can offer a range of services including Google AdWords (Pay Per Click) management, email marketing and social media marketing.

What we offer

Intelligent Retail can offer a range of Online Marketing services to suit your business. We are very flexible and work with your to suit your budget and requirements. Our range includes:

Monthly Search Engine Optimisation packages: Our team has a combined 30 years of Search Engine Optimisation experience!

One-off Search Engine Optimisation packages:For those who can't commit to a full monthly programme, we can offer one-off packages to get you going.

Search Engine Optimisation training: Do you want to go your own way but need some pointers? We have the in-house skills and teaching experience to give you what you need so that you can promote your own website!

Google AdWords (Pay Per Click) Management: We are a Google Certified Partner for Google AdWords and have specialists in both search and display advertising.

Social Media Management: Confused about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Google+? We can help set up and manage any of your social media channels!

What our customers say

We have many happy customers and a fantastic retention rate. Many of our customers have been with us for well over 5 years! Here's what our customers say about us.

Question: How satisfied have you been with the work of the Online Marketing department?

"Very happy!" Chris, Gerry's Fishing

"Very satisfied and we feel that the SEO programme has represented excellent value for money!" Ross, Jeanstore

"Very satisfied! We feel that we can trust David and his team to work effectively and to achieve results." Jonathan, Uno Gifts

"We are very satisfied. The guidance we have received has always been good." Jane, Pegasus Art

Have your sales increased since your Online Marketing programme began?

"Yes, our sales are up 30% - 35% year on year and we receive more visits to the site." Ross, Jeanstore

"There has been enormous growth in both visitors and sales. We have had a ten fold increase in visitors, with a year on year improvement in sales of 30% from the website." Clarke, Enid Hutt

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