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Why Buy Greetings Connect?

Here are just some of the benefits Greetings Connect can bring to your business.

Why do greetings retailers use an EPoS Ssystem?

If you are a Greetings Retailer and are wondering what are the benefits of using an EPoS system then this page will hopefully help. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us on 0845 6800126.

The overall aim of most greetings card retailers is to have the right products in at the right time, and this way they can maximise their sales. Here are the typical issues that have to be faced to achieve this aim:

  1. Cards are low value items so high quantities need to be sold. Retailers need accurate real time stock control to identify what is selling.
  2. What makes it hard is that manufacturers constantly change designs. Keeping on top of the successful ones in this fast changing environment is almost impossible manually.
  3. Products are seasonal and whole ranges totally change regularly. The reordering system has to manage ordering of seasonal lines.
  4. Manufacturers will frequently stop printing one card and replace it with another. Unless this is picked up, there would be gaps left on the shelves. Gaps of the most popular items let customers down and lose retailer's money.
  5. To deliver good, fast customer service, cards need to scan reliably. Scan rates have to be high. Manually adding cards is not practical and means scan rates are often lower than required. An automated system of adding barcode information becomes increasingly important.

So, while accurate stock control is essential, a standard EPoS system does not work because of the exceptionally high rate that products change. Greetings Connect can solve these issues, and more. For more information, please contact us on 0845 680 0126 and request your free demonstration.