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Fashion EPoS system just for fashion and shoe retailers

Fashion Connect is an award winning multichannel retail system designed for independent fashion and shoe retailers. Fashion Connect is the simple way to sell through your store, website and other channels, while keeping you in full control of your stock. It makes your business more profitable and your life easier!

Intelligent Retail for Fashion Shops

Developed directly with owners and staff of fashion and shoe stores, Fashion Connect is a single EPoS system that enables you to manage your shop, website and stock. Imagine how much simpler it could be to control all aspects of the day-to-day running of your shop with an EPoS system tailored to fashion retail.

Beyond the colour / size matrix

Although Fashion Connect supports style, colour and size options, we found some retailers wanted more. Because we listen, Fashion Connect also supports third and fourth level options as well. For example: leg length, material type, back size and cup size etc.

There seems to be no limit to the variations Connect can support, we have all kinds of variations to products, and Connect makes it easy. Because we can accurately describe our footwear, staff only go downstairs when they know they have the right size, colour etc in stock.

Here are just some of the exciting ways in which Fashion Connect can enhance your business:

  • Drag and drop any products from your shop to your trading website linked live to your shop stock.
  • Innovative fashion matrix has unlimited layers for style, size, width and fabric settings giving fast access to manage all of your stock.
  • The innovation we call tags , which carries your website to meet the latest standards; bringing it to life and allowing your customers to find and select items to meet their specific needs.
  • Adding new footwear is simple: "When we forward orders, suppliers send us an order confirmation with the barcode for each colour code, size etc. This goes straight into the system and we add pictures from CD. When product comes in it is already priced up and ready to sell in our shop and the website!" Manish, Trekking.
Barcode Scanner

Why not enhance your business by using eBay and Amazon as additional selling channels? They are the most popular shopping centres on the web, with both platforms focussing more on business sellers. Fashion Connect makes it easier than ever to sell on eBay and Amazon while managing your stock.

The typical business model of a fashion and footwear retailer from 10 years ago has gone forever, multi channel is now a way of life.

Understanding fashion retail

We have a good relationship with the world of fashion retail. Not only providing an effective EPoS solution to accommodate the needs of retail fashion outlets, but sharing our knowledge too.

Over the years we have spoken at seminars for fashion events such as Moda and Pure London, offering advice and insight into eCommerce and multichannel retail.

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