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EPoS systems: Easy to use & integrated eCommerce! award winning affordable for retail

Intelligent Retail EPoS System can be bought on its own, or as part of our Connect multichannel system with integrated EPoS and eCommerce. Connect EPoS System has won multiple awards for innovation and is designed to be very affordable for independent retailers.

EPoS Till System: Easy to Use!

Retailers are used to cash registers, that is why we based the design of Connect on one! It is very easy to use. Yet you get powerful features like management of deposits, back orders, visibility of stock in any location and bar-coded receipts to reduce theft from returns. The till is very secure so you can rely on your staff to cash up because everything is recorded professionally.

EPoS Software Reordering System Reordering. Intelligent yet flexible!

Connect has an intelligent reorder engine that analyses sales flow as well as minimum stock quantities to suggest a re-order profile for you. Then you can print off orders for each supplier in a click. It's that fast. Stock replenishment is designed the way smaller retailers really want it to work. Quick, simple yet flexible.

Accounting: Count on Connect EPoS Systems, fast and accurate

The Connect EPoS System calculates VAT on a product level. At the end of each financial period just click a button and the accounts information is provided for you to send to your accountant or use in any accounts package. This saves hours so you can get on with something more useful and probably more enjoyable!

Management reports: to make better decisions

Too much information is just as bad as too little. So we have an intelligent reports screen to quickly find the information you need. This is refined reporting to make better buying decisions.

Marketing via your EPoS System: more loyalty, more revenue

From your till you can run a range of marketing campaigns including instant discounts and customer loyalty point programs. Because this is a multichannel system you can run promotions across all channels. For example advertise a promotional discount code and customers can redeem them in the shop or online. Gift vouchers can also be redeemed in store or online.

Integrated eCommerce

As part of the Connect multichannel system your eCommerce website can be easily integrated with your EPoS system. But lots of companies say that! Well this is the original EPoS system built as a multichannel system. You have to see ours to believe how easy it is to run your eCommerce website and shop together with full stock control integrated in one place.

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So if you want to reduce your costs in your retail business, if you want to improve your revenues and cashflow or make the business easier to manage, then we can help.

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