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EPoS Solution UK

An EPoS Solution for the UK market can make a difference in attracting more customers to your retail premises.

Making the most of your market

Do you feel you are not attracting enough customers into your store, or not making the most of existing customers? Intelligent Retail commonly talk to retailers with concerns like these. In today's dynamic retail environment, independent retailers more than ever need to utilize the right tools to help them make the most of the opportunities available and make the right decision on merchandising in their stores. Contact us to find out more.

At Intelligent Retail we have created a one-of-a-kind EPoS solution for the UK which has been designed especially for independent retailers like you. The driving factor behind our software is the goal of providing you with more profit at the end of each day.

Merchandising using your PoS Solution

With our EPoS solution, you will find that every transaction is processed and recorded electronically. That means you will be able to track important trends in the types of products sold in your business. Spotting these trends early can help you tune in to your customers' wants and needs; getting the right window displays and early store showcases will give you better footfall. In fact our EPoS solution UK is one of the most advanced point of sale solutions you'll find. It performs complex calculations in a few minutes, resulting in amazingly simple reports showing you which of your product categories are performing better for your business.

Product selection at point of sale

Retailers make important decisions on product selection every day. So often these decisions are made by gut feeling alone (qualitative information). Well, these days it is more important than ever that the decisions you make are right first time. Decision making is more effective when combining qualitative information with factual data (quantitative information). Large stores have this information to hand on a daily basis. Now independents can get the same style of large store data at the click of a button with the EPoS solution UK from Intelligent Retail. We'll help you make the right decisions, keep ahead of the trends and bring a vibrancy to your business.

Be in control - always

When you're a retailer, the detail counts, and you always have so many of the smaller things to keep in mind. All this multitasking of smaller tasks can take you away from the larger more important activities like marketing (an essential part of retail today). A fast growing number of independent retailers are turning to the new retail software from Intelligent Retail. Our EPoS solution UK is proven to help retailers improve efficiency significantly. This means that either they can reduce the number of part time staff, or they can get on with other more important activities themselves, making the business more productive and more profitable.