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eCommerce Retail Software

When it comes to your eCommerce site, managing the business is all about multitasking. Right from always being updated about inventory stocks, to getting new supplies, to keeping customers satisfied, all of it can be time consuming. That's why we at Intelligent Retail provide you with the most comprehensive ecommerce retail software, so you never have to worry about business issues.

Highly scalable

Our solution is designed for the independent retailer and hence is packed with design features which are conducive for carrying out business effectively. With simplicity at the very core, all your business functions can be carried out at the click of a button. So whether it is about adding new tills, or working from the comfort of your home, linking to your own website or even connecting to other shops online – our ecommerce retail software is geared to help you with all of these. What's more, our solution can accommodate numerous users and is scalable and extensible at the same time.

Make your suppliers accountable

Your business depends on the efficiency and agility of your suppliers. That's why it is necessary to constantly keep checks on them. Through our software at Intelligent Retail, you can now make your suppliers more accountable. Through intelligent reorder engines you can analyze your sales flow as well as get alerts as soon as your stock reaches the minimum levels.

Then all you need to do is to print off orders to separate suppliers at just the click of a button. Through our ecommerce retail software you no longer have to worry about turning a customer away because of lack of stock. Your inventory will always be updated and replenished – no matter what. Moreover, the entire stock replenishment process is quick, easy and flexible – thus enabling you to perform the entire process in a few minutes!

Cost effective

Our cheap EPOS solution is priced to cater to the independent retailer. Therefore the pricing structure is very affordable. Besides you will soon find out that realizing ROI through our system is very quick and easy. In the very first year you will start seeing definite improvements in your business.