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eCommerce Platforms

Your Connect Multichannel system can be made to integrate with many types of eCommerce platform. It will then share stock information, product information and orders so that you have easy, central control of your business.

There are hundreds of ecommerce platforms to choose from. Every single one has its own pros and cons, there is no perfect platform. Some are more popular than others.

As well as having our own eCommerce platform that fully integrates with Connect EPoS, it is possible to connect others using a web service interface.

Not sure what an eCommerce platform is? Refer to our section below.

Your Choice

We like to try and support your choice of platform. With a decade of expertise in linking websites with Connect we can also provide advice and guidance where you are:

Connect can be a central part of your multichannel business to help you day to day be more in control, more efficient and more profitable!

A part of choosing to integrate your existing website with Connect is finding out which features are available. Platforms vary functions on which functions they allow to be integrated. To find out more please contact us.

How eCommerce Websites Work

It may help you to know that any website has two main parts. You can mix and match your options of who you would like to deliver each part for you.

The eCommerce Platform. This drives your menu, creates product pages and shopping basket. It's the payment and checkout facility. It's the bit that will notify you when you get a sale. Web design companies may use an off the shelf one or create their own. There is a cost to any decent eCommerce platform. It's absolutely vital you select a good one!

The design. The design is like a veneer that sits on top of the eCommerce platform. You can have lots of different designs on top of the same eCommerce platform, and they can look totally different.