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eBay Connect: An instant additional sales channel direct from Connect

This is not just a feed that other suppliers offer. eBay Connect makes it easier – from adding products to fulfilling orders – we don't think it can get much simpler!

Introducing eBay Connect, premium integration!

Now you have the huge power of eBay at your fingertips!

Be part of the UK's largest online shopping location

  1. eBay is the number one online shopping destination in the UK with millions of people browsing and buying products. According to Retail Week figures eBay has around 13% market share online, compared to Tesco which has around 1%.
  2. eBay is moving towards business sellers and is becoming very appealing to independent retailers.
  3. eBay now sells more fixed price items than it does auction items.
  4. People like eBay for many reasons. It is familiar. Its easy to find items. The community ethos develops trust. If a seller has a very high feedback rating then they are probably trustworthy. Paying for items is easy. With PayPal you don't have to enter your credit card details each time so buying is simple and hassle free.
  5. eBay feedback rewards retailers for delivering a high quality service, a value held by most specialist independent retailers.
  6. Many retailers use eBay to increase their customer database. It is much easier to convince an existing customer to buy off you than someone that has never heard of you before.
  7. Having a quality shop on eBay can help communicate and reinforce your brand.
  8. eBay is a brilliant channel for getting maximum recovery rates on end of line or excess inventory.
  9. eBay has a great mobile platform that your products will be available on as well.
  10. Open a shop on eBay for a small monthly fee as part of your Connect Multichannel system.