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A day in the life of a Connect retailer

How can Connect transform your business? Take a look at a day in the life of one of our Connected retailers.

The Connect experience

Nine-thirty and you have arrived in the shop to open up. Feeling a bit groggy, sipping a coffee picked up on the way in, the previous evening had been lovely, celebrating a record month of profit at your favourite restaurant, the coffee helps. You open the doors ready for business.

As you turn on the screen of your Connect till, immediately a new batch of orders from your website appears. Although you have had the till for five months the feeling of exhilaration is still there each time this happens and it brings a smile to your face. It's still quiet so you pick and pack the orders ready for dispatch, serving a couple of customers in the shop as well.

10:31 and Sally arrives. In a jiffy you print off a shop floor replenishment report and Sally restocks the shelves from all the sales yesterday.

It gets busier and you are pleased the barcoding makes selling so much quicker. The loyalty scheme is really paying off as well, your main customers feel more valued and not only come into the shop more often but spend more because they feel a part of it.

Your latest inspired buys are selling really well and you know these are very profitable lines because your weekly top selling items report tells you. You feel content and completely in control of your business knowing how much profit each line is making for each day it is in the shop, this lets you compare products on an even basis so you really understand where your profit comes from which has made a great difference to your buying success.

Midday and you take the parcels with web orders over to the post office and grab some lunch.

Afternoon and a supplier is due at 1:30pm. In two minutes you run a report off Connect to show a league table of your most profitable accessories suppliers over the last 6 months. You notice they are 15th on the list so they have some explaining to do! Nowadays you are expertly informed for each supplier meeting and the good ones get better and the bad ones don't get any orders this gives you the edge over your suppliers and makes you feel great.

3pm and you send your fortnightly email to the customers on your database, knowing that a number will click on the product you are promoting and so expect a larger than normal batch of web orders on the till in the morning so you ask Sally to come in early to help pick and pack.

Before going home you send 3 lines that are not selling too fast on to eBay to get shot of them. This takes a couple of clicks. The money you get will be invested in some new lines you had your eye on for the shop window, they are right in vogue and you look forward with anticipation at placing the fresh new items in the window to attract new customers.

Cashing up is a breeze and all the VAT is taken care of in a click. Another great day for takings, combining shop and website sales as well as some on eBay has really made the difference.

This evening you plan to spend half an hour placing some more orders from your computer at home. This is wonderful, it's 10 times quicker than it used to be and you don't need to travel to the shop to do it.

Could this happen to you?

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