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What we do

First things first - we talk to you! Depending on your location and the creative design level you've purchased, we'll either invite you to come in to our office, or we'll set up a telephone conference for an in depth chat. Wherever possible, we like to get to know you as a person (or people) whilst we learn more about your business - it's a more friendly approach and we feel helps to create a better long term working relationship.

Next, we'll write up all of the information we've gathered into an in-depth design brief, which we'll ask you to read and agree to before we make a start on anything else - just to be sure we're all on the same wave length and you're absolutely happy with what we've all agreed.

Getting you started

For the higher level creative projects (level 3 only) we'll get the ball rolling by creating a mood board. This could be described as a 'well-presented, visual brain storm', and will include suggestions with regard to font styles, colour schemes, textures, and all sorts of other design elements. We'll then discuss this together with you and ask for your thoughts and feedback.

If necessary, we can make a few amends or additions at this stage until you're sure we've captured the essence of your business completely.

For all creative level projects, we'll produce a complete set of designs that will demonstrate how each of the main sections of your website would look. Again, we present these designs to you and gather your feedback, making changes as necessary until you're feeling completely happy and ready to move on.

A brand new website!

With these design layouts agreed, we're able to move onto actually creating your working website! Our dedicated team will take your flat designs and build them into our Connect framework, marrying fantastic design with award winning eCommerce functionality.

Why not take a look at our design portfolio to see a sample of our work?