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Amazon Connect

True Amazon integration with Amazon Connect. An easy way to list products, a central way to fulfill orders and centralised stock control. Amazon Connect is the simple way to sell on Amazon alongside your other sales channels.

The Amazon challenge!

For many retailers, selling on Amazon is a great opportunity but is just too hard to do. Adding and managing items is too time-consuming. Managing stock is almost impossible across the different channels. This leads to poor customer service and then your Amazon feedback ratings go down! Then so does your reputation.

Imagine for a moment

Friday morning you drag'n'drop a new range to sell on Amazon. When you sell you last item at 6:30pm on Friday, the automatic stock control tells your website there are none left in stock. Your Amazon order is brought into a Fulfilment Centre along with orders from your website and mail order. You then just Pick and Pack them as part of your everyday business, allowing you to deliver a first class service whilst boosting your profits.

Selling on Amazon has never been easier

Intelligent Retail is the first company (that we know of) to allow retailers to simply Drag and Drop products to Amazon. There may be some extra tweaks depending on the products you sell but this is about as simple as it gets, and then you have the huge power of Amazon at your fingertips! Connect offers end to end Amazon integration. This is not just a feed that other suppliers offer.

This is a complete integration where there will usually not be a need to go to Amazon. Read about the features of our Amazon Integration with Stock Control.

Amazon Integration from Intelligent Retail

Amazon Connect offers premium integration with one of the UK's top online marketplaces. Amazon Connect can really help your multichannel business grow. With its convenience and ease of use, Amazon Connect can manage stock control and product information to your Amazon Store with a simple drag and drop process.

Amazon is growing fast and has become a one-stop shopping centre for many customers. It is driving significant levels of revenue to small and large retailers. If you are a retailer and not selling on Amazon Marketplace, you are missing a great opportunity to increase your sales.

  1. Amazon is the UK's 2nd largest shopping site with tens of millions of people who shop there.
  2. Amazon is convenient and trusted.
  3. You can open a shop in this hugely successful shopping centre for a small monthly fee.
  4. Amazon rewards retailers for delivering a high quality service and value for money, which are the same values held by most specialist independent retailers.
  5. Tap into huge growth. Amazon has higher growth rates than eCommerce overall.
  6. Amazon has a mobile platform that your products will be available on as well.
  7. Build brand awareness. For small retailers Amazon is a great place to build your brand and increase customer visibility for your products. Amazon invests heavily in Google advertising meaning that customers searching on Google will be to find sellers products listed on Amazon easily. Often sellers start with their best selling and flagship products to build awareness and then add more products from there.

What you will need

  1. A Connect Multichannel System enabled with the Amazon Tab. Please contact us for details 0845 680 0126.
  2. An Amazon seller account.

Please call on 0845 680 0126 for more information or to arrange a free onsite consultation.

Note: A barcode is usually used to tell Amazon which product you are sending them. Amazon does not allow Books and Media to be sold via this type of partner connection. Please refer to the Amazon agreement for more details.