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We can be very flexible and offer a variety of different options to closely meet your needs

Fashion EPoS hardware

Fashion Connect works on a wide variety of Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) or computer hardware. This means that we can be very flexible and offer options to closely meet your needs. Simplicity and elegance are trademarks of Fashion Connect. This makes it easy to use and keeps costs down. The hardware aspect is no different.

Flexible, standards based

Computer monitorUnlike many retail systems, Fashion Connect can be run completely from a single, standard PC because of it's efficient design using the latest Smart-Client technology. Additional computers are added for more tills, back office, warehouse and management functions.

Retail standard computers

Laptop computerPC PoS are one of our key partners. They are becoming the largest retail hardware manufacturer in the UK and for good reason. Their computers, monitors and touch screens are proven in the field, very reliable and cost effective. For added security we use hosted servers to automatically back up your whole system.


Receipt printerEpson has huge market share with the TM-T88 receipt printers. Whilst being tough and whisper quiet, it is also stunningly fast and quick to change printer rolls which reduces transaction times. They are inexpensive and are proven to be reliable so offer excellent value for money. We can also provide A4 printers.

Fast, reliable scanners

Handheld scannerMetrologic are the leading name in barcode scanners. The Voyager model is elegant and comfortable to hold. Like Epson, this product is very popular with independent retailers and is tried and trusted.

Stock take handheld barcode scanners

Barcode scannersThese make stock taking so much faster. They can be used by scanning and docking or in wireless mode when the updated stock information is immediately transferred to your till.

Chip and pin

This integrated chip and pin terminal by Verifone is simple, durable and secure. It can be pole mounted or used on a flexible wire. Being integrated with the till means there is no need to re-type the transaction total into the machine, the till does it for you, so no mistakes!

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Laptop computerThe system can be scaled up to suit your needs. For example, a safe and secure laptop can give you more flexibility in stock management, particularly useful for larger shops or those with stock rooms or warehouses.


NetworkingWe can design and implement all your network connections, hooking up your till, back office and internet. It is all part of our personal service to get you up and running quickly and easily at a low cost.