Walking The Walk – Meet the Intelligent Retail Team

On the 12th of May, Intelligent Retail will once again be taking part in the Moon Walk. This incredible event brings together hundreds of walkers who will raise millions of pounds to raise awareness of breast cancer and money for research.

The Intelligent Retail Team of Lisa Mackley, Rachel Cave, Kate Moore, Kate Saville, Neil Daniel and Graeme Firth are here to raise money for this fantastic cause.

For those that aren't familiar with the Moon Walk, it all began 15 years ago in New York, as a small group of women power walked the New York City Marathon in their bras for charity. It has since grown into a staggeringly successful concern, raising over £75 million for various key breast cancer causes. Now you can help us to raise the money we need to provide further help and support for the women and men battling breast cancer and its effects.

We're aiming for a target of £2000. It seems a lot in times like these, but even a few pounds make all the difference. Bit by bit we can get do it, so we can donate as much as we can. Also, if we reach our target of £2000, Intelligent Retail will double that figure too. That gives us £4000 for further research and support. Now isn't that worth giving a little bit of money for?

Please click on our fund raising page and help us to make things better for breast cancer sufferers now and in the future.

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