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PoS Software

Looking for PoS Software? Try EPoS instead!

pos softwareIf you're searching for 'pos software' then there's a good chance what you're actually looking for is 'epos software!'. So why the confusion?

PoS Software refers to software which runs a Point of Sale system (a PoS System) which is an electronic version of the old 'Point of Sale' standalone shop till in use many years ago by retailers. These PoS systems were simply electronic versions of the old mechanical shop tills in use for decades by retailers.

So what's the difference between PoS and EPoS?

Point of Sale (PoS systems) are standalone systems which may rely on manual stock updates and other tasks. Their sole function is to record a sale, which then needs to be handled either manually by another system. This is obviously very time consuming and requires extra man-hours to complete any given task through the system.

EPoS Systems offer full integration of till functions (that's the PoS bit!) and stock control so when a sale is put through a till system the stock level is depleted. This allows other tasks to potentially be performed (like automated stock ordering and multichannel selling via ecommerce websites, Google Products etc).

PoS systems are now very outmoded especially for multi-till systems as it is now easy and cheap to link many different tills in a business with integrated stock control. As PoS Software doesn't carry out the important task of integrating with stock control, what retailers actually need is EPoS Software, which allows all of these stock control tasks to be easily and quickly carried out.

Take a look at the Intelligent Retail website for fast and efficient EPoS Software and systems which combine all of the best in multichannel selling, with integrated stock control and one interface for multiple channels... right from the stock tree!

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