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Best EPoS Company

Our customers say we're the best EPoS company, read to find out why!

The best EPoS company to deal with? A bold claim indeed... but that's what our clients tell us! Read on for more information and have a look at one of our client's videos below for more details.

At Intelligent Retail we get some great feedback from our customers... infact we use this feedback (good and bad!) to help us to improve our products and services, continually utilising what our customers tell us in order to gain new understandings into what retailers are looking for, develop our products and foster relationships.

Because Intelligent Retail see the supply of an EPoS system as the start of a partnership between us and the retailer, we take feedback pretty seriously, getting involved with problems and praise alike at a personal level which helps us to understand our customers even more. Maybe it's for this reason that our customers frequently tell us that we are the UK's best epos company to deal with, bar none.

PoS Software

Looking for PoS Software? Try EPoS instead!

If you're looking for PoS Software then do a search for 'EPoS Software' as well...Read on to find out why!


Homeware EPOS

Homeware EPOS systems for homeware retail businesses

Do you run a Homeware retail business? You need one of our Homeware EPOS systems to allow easy stock control, aid sales and cut costs! Read on for more info...


Fashion EPoS

The Fashion EPoS System from Intelligent Retail

When looking for a fashion EPoS system, Intelligent Retail may have the solution you're looking for.  A multichannel system which can link your shop floor stock with the website, Ebay and Amazon.  It makes the daily running of your shop a breeze.  Read on to find out more