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EPoS Systems

A range of EPoS Systems from Intelligent Retail

Intelligent Retail offer a large range of EPoS Systems for retail use in a variety of shops and businesses.

We recognise that each retail sector has it's own unique set of requirements and so each Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS systems are tailored for each business category, giving the shop owner full control over every aspect of the system.

EPoS Systems - the basics

So what is an EPoS System? Well the main reason a shop owner is likely to want an EPoS system rather than a traditional stock sheet / till based system is the ease of use and timesaving offered by a modern EPoS system. Because the Intelligent Retail Connect system offers true multichannel functionality from one stock control database, there are no duplications of tasks, all data is held within one secure database and so all of the products entered onto the system can be sold via multiple channels with no chance of selling more stock than is available.

The use of a central stock control system also has the great effect that minimal stock can be held in-house, meaning less investment in stock that may or may not get sold, saving the shop owner money and time. This freedom from the overstocking/understocking problem means even more time (and money) is saved on a continuing basis.

All of your orders in one EPoS System

Because the Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS Systems offer true multichannel functionality, all orders from the shop till, website, Ebay, Google Products, Amazon and many other online channels appear right back in the shop till - there is one centralised pick, pack and despatch area with which to deal so no more juggling payments / orders from many different admin systems! This again frees time for the shop owner as only one system has to be learnt and used.

The Connect EPoS System also offers drag and drop functionality for populating products and categories to online channels, so no more writing descriptions and uploading pictures to channels such as Ebay... once you have set these up in your EPoS system you're good to go to as many channels as you like.

Give Intelligent Retail a ring on 0845 6800126 and ask for a demonstration of the powerful Connect EPoS System - it's set to change the way you think about retail!

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