6 Expensive Ecommerce Errors You’ll Want To Avoid

ecommerce errorsMaking errors is sometimes unavoidable, but in ecommerce, mistakes can cost you a lot of money. Be smart with how you manage your business to make sure you aren’t wasting money. These six points should help you manage your ecommerce venture in a more streamlined and agile way.

Lazy SEO management

Don’t get lazy with SEO – it will cost you. Stay on top of your store’s SEO in order to maximise profits and grow. Continue reading

Baby being held - by T. Shaw via Pexels (CC0 1.0)

Gift Lists and Wish Lists – Why your Nursery Website Needs Them

I read with interest that the ‘other’ £33 million National Lottery jackpot prize has now been collected and no doubt the recipient is swimming in expensive bubbly and splashing out on yachts and Lamborghinis. Good on them I say, after all don’t we all have a personal wish list of things we would do if we won the big one?

Which is why, this month I’ll be mostly rambling on about gift lists/wish lists and why if you’re a nursery retailer, your website really needs one. Continue reading

IR Crumball Rally 2016 – The Finishing Line

TL;DR: They made it there! We weren’t sure if they’d made it back…

C’est fini, as they say in France – the starting country for Crumball Rally’s epic three-day event ‘Mission Impossible’. It turns out, this became ‘Mission Impossible’ for our team of Intelligent Retail staff who undertook this gruelling personal challenge. We knew they’d do it!

A huge well done to Mark H, Mark S, Laura and Ben for completing such a challenge! Not all entrants to the rally were lucky enough to make it to the finishing line this year, and it was even touch and go for many who did, with multiple breakdowns along the way. Continue reading

A map of Europe showing a point to point overlay of the rough Crumball Rally Mission Impossible route.

IR Crumball Rally 2016

Team from Intelligent Retail Prepare for International Crumball Rally Challenge.

Mark H, Ben, Laura and Mark S from Intelligent Retail will be undertaking this year’s Crumball Rally’s ‘Mission Impossible’ 2016 challenge. Okay.. so it’s not actually impossible, as this particular rally was held (and completed) in ’09, ’12 and ’13 and is now back for its fourth event!

You will be able to follow the team’s progress here.

Continue reading

Link Building the Right Way

Link building. Just the words bring out dread and fear in many online marketers. Why? Because link building, just like telemarketing and working on a production line can be onerous, soul destroying task you really wouldn’t wish on a Hedge Fund owner, let alone your worst enemy. But trust me on this, if you think like this then you’re doing it all wrong… Continue reading