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Connect can certainly make the difference in tough trading conditions

Beat the Downturn

Beat the downturn, survive a recession

We have had downturns and recessions before and we will have them again. The tough conditions will force some weaker companies out of business, for others it is an opportune time to make the business stronger and leaner. Connect can certainly make the difference in tough trading conditions, making your business more resilient to economic downturns and more profitable. With spend on the high street in decline, there are 2 main areas to focus on.

1. Streamline: Improve business efficiency, improve profits.

A downturn or recession is an ideal opportunity to improve business efficiency. Then, when the market is more buoyant the business will be in fitter, leaner and better equipped to grow. Connect will help your business operate on a tighter budget and deliver improved revenues and profits. How? Well, some examples are provided in this white paper: 7 tips to improve business efficiency in a downturn.

2. Go MultiChannel: Take a share of the online sales growth.

Selling online from your shop(s) has never been easier. With a click any product in your shop can be sent to your website or eBay. There are millions of buyers out there and sales online continue to grow at about 40% per annum. No need to put all you products on there, find a niche or two (we can help) and exploit these. Delivers a real and straightforward way to increase profits.

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